The Kentucky Reading Association is a professional organization of educators and individuals actively engaged in the development of literacy throughout the Commonwealth. We are committed to encouraging lifelong reading for pleasure and learning, providing information related to literacy, increasing opportunities for professional growth, and promoting research-based instructional practices.


The Kentucky Reading Association was chartered in 1963 as the Kentucky State Council, International Reading Association in order to:

  1. promote the development of local councils;
  2. encourage the study of reading problems at all educational levels;
  3.  stimulate and promote research in developmental, creative, corrective, and remedial reading;
  4. study the various factors that influence progress in reading;
  5. publish the results of pertinent and significant investigations and practices;
  6. assist in the development of more adequate teacher-training programs;
  7. act as intermediate clearing house for information relating to reading;
  8. disseminate knowledge helpful in the solution of problems related to reading; and
  9. sponsor and promote stimulating programs (conferences and meetings) at a level not usually attainable by a local council.

The original by-laws for the council were adopted March 2, 1963 but they have been revised several times over the years. In April, 1994 the name of the council was changed from the Kentucky State Council, International Reading Association (KSC/IRA) to the Kentucky Reading Association, K.R.A.

In 2013, the International Reading Association began the process of reorganizing and rebranding, including a name change to the International Literacy Association (ILA). Their new chartering precipitated KRA to redefine their own organization and relationship with ILA. In 2018, KRA became its own independent organization with direct connections to the state’s local chapters. The connection to ILA still exists but in a different capacity.

KRA has committed to preserving the organization’s history. A standing task force has inventoried and catalogued the vast array of artifacts collected over the life of the institution. Murray State University houses the repository of KRA’s records and items.


ILA Award of Excellence: 2007-2016
ILA Advocacy Award: 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015