A Voice For Literacy

Kentucky Reading Association

The Kentucky Reading Association (KRA) is a nonprofit affiliate of the International Literacy Association(www.literacyworldwide.org), a professional organization aimed at promoting reading for all. KRA is one of the largest state professional organizations. Members of KRA represent a dedicated body of educators interested in moving reading/literacy forward in the Commonwealth. Becoming a member of KRA affords educators with opportunities to network and learn about the most current research and instructional practices in reading/literacy. KRA has local chapters in all areas of the state. Participating in local chapter activity is one way to tap into the multiple advantages of being a KRA member.

KRA hosts an annual conference which draws the most prestigious reading researchers and practitioners to the state to share their expertise with our attendees. In addition to a reduced conference rate, KRA members also receive an annual journal and mini-grant opportunities for K-12 teachers interested in promoting reading/literacy in their classrooms. KRA members are also involved in international literacy development and state and national literacy advocacy issues to fulfill our mission of “To be a voice for literacy.”

KRA anticipates continued growth as the nation and state focus on reading/literacy issues. We ask you to join our team as we strive to bring the KRA’s voice to life.